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Variation on a theme

Digital Performer 7.2 available

Massachusetts-based developers MOTU have just announced that Digital Performer has been updated to version 7.2. Though not a major update, v7.2 sees the incorporation of a few neat features that have already proven popular with users of other sequencers. Most visible of these is the ability to change DP’s appearance, courtesy of a selection of included Themes (Carbon Fiber, Plasma and Producer are pictured). If you prefer your DAW to have a more unique look, however, you can simply edit one of the existing ones: Themes are stored in PNG (Portable Network Graphic) file format, and MOTU say that these can be opened up in image-editing software such as Photoshop, and tweaked to suit your tastes. Some graphical elements can even be re-coloured from within DP, and these include waveform displays and level meters.<strong>MOTU DP 7.2</strong>MOTU DP 7.2

A live search has also found its way into DP’s latest iteration, and this updates the search results as you type (a la iTunes), making it easier and faster to find audio clips, custom key commands and other files associated with your project.

Finally, context-sensitive menus have been introduced, which are accessible with a single right-mouse click. The menu will display those options most relevant to whatever window your mouse happens to be in.

The latest version of DP is free to owners of Version 7, and is shipping now.