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RME UCX In mint condition, complete with box manual etc, buyer collects from NW London.
£550.  Email (London) 20/10/14 (About the advertiser)
Prism Sound Orpheus x 2 I have these on sale here in separate ads, but in this ad I'm offering both Orpheus units bought together at my lowest price. Forget Apogee, these are the real deal. If you don't already know that, you're welcome to come demo them before purchase!.
£3500.  Phone 07711 007 166 or Email (Maidstone, Kent) 20/10/14 (About the advertiser)
Universal Audio OCTO PCIe accelerator card Universal Audio OCTO UAD 2 Accelerator Card still under warranty. Analogue classics included, as normal. Bought at the end of a project to boost the system and haven't done so much production since so am reducing.
£790.  Email (London) 19/10/14 (About the advertiser)
Digidesign 003 boxed with manuals, slight crackle on volume knob when rotated but fine when static supplied with a new volume pot incase it ever needs changing.
£190.  Phone Nathan 07725339415 or Email (Blackburn) 19/10/14 (About the advertiser)
RME hdsp 9652 with all original paperwork, original box and cables. mint condition.
£180.  Phone 07963567888 (London) 19/10/14 (About the advertiser)
RME Fireface 400 Superb flexible interface in great condition studio use only, full working order.
£400.  Email (Glasgow) 19/10/14 (About the advertiser)
Avid MBox 2 Pro Mbox 2 Pro. Works perfectly and in very good condition. Used in my free smoke personal studio. Includes all original disks, cables, power supply and box. Any questions please ask. Thanks.
£100.  Email (Bristol) 17/10/14 (About the advertiser)
Lynx Aurora PT HD Card Pro Tool Card for Aurora 8 or 16 interface. Updated with latest firmware, excellent condition.
£95.  Email Grant (London) 17/10/14 (About the advertiser)
Universal Audio Apollo Quad firewire audio interface..perfect condition with original box. selling as upgrading to Apollo16. can personally deliver between London and Manchester.
£1500.  Email sean (Manchester, Lancs) 17/10/14 (About the advertiser)
Digidesign 96i/o Great audio interface in good working condition.
£200.  Email Gaz (Hounslow) 17/10/14 (About the advertiser)
Ross Martin Audio PCM 4222 Analogue to Digital Converter 2 channel mastering grade AD converter based on the Burr Brown PCM 4222 chip. Up to 192Khz, 24Bit. AES, SPIDIF Coax/Optical Word clock in/out. Master clock out. Balanced XLR & TRS Inputs. LME49724 op amps. Exceptional performance. Lots of info about this unit on Gearslutz Forums.
£350.  Email Vincent (Borehamwood) 16/10/14 (About the advertiser)
Apogee Rosetta 200 196k converter x-hd 2 channels of great AD or DA conversion for Pro Tools (or other). XLR ins/outs for the analog, then s/pdif, coax, AES or X-HD card for the digital stuff. Amazing sounding converter, real bargain.
£525.  Phone 07889585733 or Email (Lichfield) 16/10/14 (About the advertiser)
Lynx Aurora 16 + LT-W FireWire Card Brand new condition, no original box, but includes manual.
£1500.  Phone 07584 227 623 (London) 14/10/14 (About the advertiser)
Apogee Duet For sale: My Apogee Duet audio interface/soundcard for Mac/Ipad only £140!..... This is an award winning audio interface that will give you very high quality recording results as well as make everything you play on your computer sound awesome. I'm in Blackpool. Pick up preferred but can post to anywhere in the UK. 07857 272557.
£140.  Phone 07794483410 or Email (Blackpool, Lancashire) 13/10/14 (About the advertiser)
Apple and motu G5 dual and 424 and uad G5 dual 2.3 comes with logic 9, 8gig ram,motu 424,uad mackie card,extra firewire pci card,and airport card,great machine never let me down,this is ready to go,the uad card has the 1176 and many other great modules not found unless bought on other uad 1 cards,google it and see,grab a bargain.
£280.00.  Phone michael 07977392212 or Email (LONDON, England) 13/10/14 (About the advertiser)
LA Audio CLKG4 wordclock generator in great condition, not a mark on it.
£150.  Email sean (Manchester, Lancs) 13/10/14 (About the advertiser)
Mackie Onyx, Digi 192,   002,003, Apogee   Repair specialist.
£35.  Phone Mo 07539850507 or Email (London) 13/10/14 (About the advertiser)
Apogee Ensemble 8x8 digital recording interface. Highest quality preamps and ADCs. 8x8 ADAT. Beautiful sounding and perfect working condition. Very good condition.
£650.00.  Email (Kingston Upon Thames) 13/10/14 (About the advertiser)
Digidesign Rack 003+ Excellent condition, used only in a smoke free environment. 8 analog inputs/outputs, digital ins/outs, Guitar input, 2 x heaphone outputs etc.
£200.  Email (Alton, Hants.) 10/10/14 (About the advertiser)
Emagic AMT 8 AMT 8 USB midi interface. 8 in 8 out. Excellent condition. Fully supported by Apple so will work with all current DAWs.
£70.  Phone 01142685753 or Email (Sheffield) 10/10/14 (About the advertiser)
Mytek DA96 Stereo DAC This stereo DAC is in excellent condition and sounds beautiful. It is the AES/EBU only version (AES in/XLR out + headphone amp).
£200.  Email (Rugby) 10/10/14 (About the advertiser)
MOTU 4PRE Just over one month old, boxed, excellent, never used.
£250.  Email (Alton, Hants.) 10/10/14 (About the advertiser)
Edirol by Roland M-16DX Digital Mixer 16 channel Digital Mixer / USB Audio Interface Good condition 1 missing knob (no box). Pics on request. Collect from Halifax or post in UK.
£300.  Email (Sowerby Bridge) Trade 09/10/14 (About the advertiser)
Focusrite 18i20 As new boxed used once! Still under warranty. 8 mic pres. ADAT in and out. Very flexible software. SPdif & Wordclock. Total of 18ins & 20outs available.
£325.00.  Phone Gary 07870 123444 or Email (Penzance, Cornwall) 09/10/14 (About the advertiser)
Digidesign Pro Tools HD1 PCIe + Licence Pro Tools HD1 Core Card (PCIe) + Full Pro Tools HD8 Licence on an Ilok. Passes digitest.
£600.  Phone 07545128989 or Email (London) 09/10/14 (About the advertiser)
Soundscape Mixtreme PCI With expansion upgrade. Large list of genuine plug ins (cost over £1000). All plugins and ownership fully registered and transferable. Awesome mixing and routing possibilities. Fully working with manual and software. Photos.
£200.  Email (Keighley) 08/10/14 (About the advertiser)
Digidesign Samplecell PC Vintage Pro Tools Samplecell 2 PC card with fully upgraded RAM. Fully working with manual and software. Photos.
£30.  Email (Keighley) 08/10/14 (About the advertiser)
M Audio 1814 Firewire audio interface. 8 analog ins, 4 analog outs, ADAT I/O, MIDI, S/PDIF, word clock, 2 x headphone outs, 2 dedicated front panel mic inputs.
£100.00.  Phone Jason 01360 449 491 or Email (Balfron, Stirlingshire) 08/10/14 (About the advertiser)
Apogee Symphony I/O card 2 x 6 analogue i/o with AES and Spidf - Mint.
£350.  Email (London) 08/10/14 (About the advertiser)
Apogee Symphony I/O card 8 x 8 analogue i/o with AES and Spidf - Mint.
£890.  Email (London) 08/10/14 (About the advertiser)
70 item(s) found
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